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It doesn't matter what your background is...

Achieve The Lifestyle You Want & Deserve!
Simple System Income provides a way for anyone to achieve financial freedom AND create the time freedom to enjoy it. Network Marketing is the best and maybe the only way for regular guys and gals to achieve true wealth without investing a large amount of time and money. What would you do with more money and more free time? If you want financial freedom take stock in yourself and get ready for success!

It is very important that you understand Network Marketing before you proceed. If you are new to the concept click HERE to watch a video that explains Network Marketing in easy to understand terms. Please watch it as many times as needed ... it is that important! If you already understand the power of Network Marketing then you will be glad you are here!

Now that you understand the basics we will show you exactly how you can create a full time income from home. You won't need any experience or large start up capital either! This is a simple plan that can build a solid, residual income for anyone willing to follow a few simple and easy steps.

Please read the rest of this page. It could change the rest of your life!

The Biggest Problems In Network Marketing ... Solved!
Recruiting - Retention - Duplication

History has proven that 3 things plague the new network marketer. Difficulty recruiting new members, keeping members active and teaching new members how to be successful. These three things are intricately connected. Up until now, for most people, building a network marketing business from home has consisted of
  • becoming a distributor for a company
  • making a list of people you know
  • calling them to get them to join you
  • running out of people to call so you consider quitting
  • calling people you don't know (the infamous 'cold call')
  • getting no-one (maybe one) to join you
  • quitting
If by some chance you do get someone to join you, they face the same uphill battle. And, because there is really no system for them to follow, they soon quit too. This is all too familiar for many and very unfortunate because it is unnecessary!

 We have a better way! 
At Simple System Income the recruiting problem is solved because it is totally automated. This also solves the duplication problem. The cost is such that within only a few short months the new member is in profit solving the retention problem! With everything being free there would be no reason to quit. We have a business that costs little to start and operate, requires no bothering family or friends and no cold calling! In fact our system requires no calling at all and is easy for anyone to duplicate. And because it works so well, people don't quit!

We have partnered with a company that has revolutionized the Network Marketing industry. This company offers effective products at true bargain prices and provides a simple yet very lucrative compensation plan.

We have also partnered with a company that provides an automated email marketing system to bring in new members so you will not need to spend your time searching for them. The same email system that brought you here will bring others here for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the system works for you.

To familiarize yourself with our chosen primary company, watch our video presentation ... CLICK HERE.
To familiarize yourself with the automated Marketing System, watch our video presentation ... CLICK HERE.
It's OK if you don't fully understand how this all works. Just know that it does work! Note ... you will earn from two streams of income using this system!

Simple System Income is the place that combines two opportunities to make one incredible opportunity. So, rather than building a team in one company, then referring them to the other, it all happens right here!

Since you are not required to make any of those difficult 'sales calls', you will not be receiving any calls either. That does NOT mean we are unwilling to answer your questions. On the contrary. We are eager to help. If you would like to talk with someone concerning our opportunity feel free to give us a call. The info is on the "contact" page in the menu above.

Three Simple Steps For A Successful Business

Your business will require you to complete three online membership applications. Two will require payment, one will not. Many businesses require overhead ... Franchise fees, rent, electric, phone, inventory, employee salaries, advertising, etc. Here your overhead will consist of a $22 product purchase (a product that you can use) and a $39.95 advertising budget (automated email marketing system mentioned above). The third membership (with us at Simple System Income) is free. Your first month cost will be slightly higher. However, both companies pay fast start bonuses which can easily cover the extra cost.

Simple Action Step 1 - Join Joy To Live.
• Low Startup Cost
• Low Monthly Cost
• Unique, Consumable product that really works! *

* Unique AND consumable are critical characteristics of a successful product. Unique so people cannot run to the nearest store and get it and consumable so it is needed monthly. Once you see our products you will agree that they are something we all need. Learn all about our unique products by clicking HERE.

Simple Action Step 2 - Become a member of Simple System Income (for free!) and get your free website like this one. Once you complete the 3 steps here just log in to your members' area and set up your System. Everything you need to know is spelled out in easy to understand instructions in your Simple System Income 'Back Office'.

Simple Action Step 3 - Become a member with MandG Home Business and purchase your automated email marketing system.

Once you complete all 3 memberships all you need to do is log into your Simple System Income Back Office and enter your Joy To Live and MandG Home Business Usernames. Then your system is on complete autopilot!

Here is what the system will do for you:

Advertise Your Website For You
Present The Opportunity To Interested Leads
Follow Up With New Prospects
Walk New Members Through The Signup Process

You simply need to maintain your monthly memberships and cash in your commissions ... get ready to enjoy your financial (and time) freedom!

Our advanced script works automatically with our secure database, and is designed to keep track of every click-through associated with your referral ID. These click-throughs are traced and recorded in our database so you can rest assured that you will always receive the correct credit for those that sign up from your website.

Here is what you will have once everything is set up:

A.) A Joy To Live Independent Business

B.) An Autoresponder System and automated email follow up

C.) A Personalized, Replicated Simple System Income Website

These three powerful tools automate your online income experience and provide you a non-stop, prospect generating, wealth producing system!
The best part is you can start right here ... today...

Just click the orange button below to get started right now ...

 Personalized Marketing Website: INCLUDED!
 Leads & Email Follow Up: INCLUDED!
 100% Automated Advertising: Unbeatable & INCLUDED!
 Unlimited Compensation Plan: From 2 Sources!

No Experience Needed!

If you have experience marketing on line we have a bonus for you in the Simple System Income member's area. Some free traffic! We provide you with a lead capture page, an attached autoresponder and training with our system ... all free! Also a third income stream Ad Co-op!

More Automated Traffic to your site means More Income For You!

Simple System Income



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